Selective Sister Memory

Yesterday Taylor and I were talking about children who misbehave.  As she babysits and works in childcare, she sees a fair amount of this.  This week I have also seen it as our congregation is again hosting the women and children from Mary’s Place day shelter.  Three and a half Christina said one evening “Give me my freaking dinner!”  But, hey,we cut all sorts of slack for grace, yes?

Anyway, Taylor noted that she NEVER misbehaved as a small child.  Except for when she’d sneak into Robert’s room on Jeff street and eat his jelly candies of some sort.  She said Greg could see her from his room and would often shout out to Robert that his room had been infiltrated! 

Any other stories you boys have to help your sister’s selective memory?  Post ’em in the response section! 

Love you all,



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Pancho is Puny

It’s a bit ironic that my first post on what I hope will be a blog of keeping up with one another as well as reflections from yo’ mama….is about the dog.  But he’s one of us, too!  And he’s had a hard week.  

Last Thursday Pancho started sunffling, then it turned into a cough that sounded EXACTLY like a goose.  Seriously.  But it just wracked his little bitty body! 

After two trips to our vet, we decided to change vets.  All the vet would do was give price estimates for random stuff we “might” want to do for no apparent reason.  And she wouldn’t address all of the coughing.  So, we found a new vet, we really like him, and he’s pretty sure Pancho has bronchitis.  It also could be kennel cough, but he hasn’t really been exposed to that. 

Bruce and I feel like we have an infant in the house!  He’s up all night and we’ve been up with him….trying to get him to sleep, to stop coughing.  Crazy. 

Today he seems better.  I hope so. 

Dogs are so awesome, even though we’ve had some pretty wacky ones in our lives!  Remember the beagle that got out of the kennel…magically?  And then she shredded the blinds.  And Angelina- the hampster who birthed a thousand babies.  🙂  And Fudge and Lucy.  THEY were hilarious to watch!  Remember when one of them bit Greg on the nose?  And of course, sweet spooked Ginger.  She is doing well with the family in Upper Sandusky.  They report she is still afraid of storms and still runs away if she gets the chance. 

I’m so happy to have had pets to love. 

Love you three…..


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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